We specialize in delivering solutions in all areas of design and construction. Being fully immersed in all aspects of each project from the initial proposal, design, budgeting, construction and procurement gives an advantage when the project is due to be delivered.

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design & construction

We firmly believe in the design process, if a project has a good design the execution is always great. Our philosophy is that before turning any project over to the new owner, all equipment is operated under all foreseeable conditions, allowing zero margin for error. We then provides extensive training to ensure the facility operations staff understands all aspects of the new equipment, providing instant support and ensuring a seamless transition to the new operations staff.

project management & owner representation

Our project managers are professionals who fully understand the implications of design, manufacturing and construction processes as they relate to the finished project. They are fully immersed in all aspects of the design and construction process, always working in conjuction with the owner to understand gaps on deliverables. This continuity and attention ensures that each project remains on time, on budget, and is of the best quality and reliability.

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procurement & sourcing

We are your One-Stop Sourcing Shop. Whether you need support for individual projects or help managing entire programs, Elemental has the people, processes, tools, and experience to address all of your procurement needs and ensure your organization’s bottom line.